Making a Difference


At first glance you may be asking yourself, "why would I want to join" Good question. The answer is simple, you want to make a difference.

With you'll develop skills that you will use throughout your career. You'll gain valuable knowledge and understand the importance of "real life" gardening. It will allow you you to educate others on living a healthier lifestyle and give them the opportunity to have their own organic vegetable garden. What a way to make a difference!

Great Opportunity

We want to make your experience at one you'll learn from, and will always remember. You'll enjoy the opportunity of working with other students and peers of your age, as well as some of your own friends, throughout the summer. If you enjoy being outdoors, have a great attitude, and are looking for a challenging, yet rewarding experience, is probably the opportunity you've been waiting for.

We offer full-time or part-time employment, with flexible hours that will permit you to make your own work schedule so that it doesn't interfere with your personal schedule.

The earning potential at Student Gardens depends on one thing, YOU. The money you can make will depend on how dedicated and committed you are to making a difference.