How it works


It's simple! You won't need to worry about your garden, because your student gardeners will do it all for you! Once you select your own personalized garden, we"ll do the rest. We will build, plant, maintain, and nourish your garden throughout the summer so you don't have to. All you do is enjoy the benefits of having your own organic vegetable garden.

It's organic! Your student garden will only yeild pesticide-free fresh organic vegetables. You will automatically be eating the freshest local vegetables.

It's smart! You'll usually pay up to 40% more for organic foods, but not with your student garden. Your garden will yield a variety of organic produce that will have you living a healthier lifestyle at a fraction of the cost.

It's rewarding! By hiring a student gardener, you'll be supporting employment for students so that they can gain valuable work experience, and develop their environmental thinking. In return, you and your family will enjoy freshly grown organic vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes for your well-being.


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