Organic Vegetable Gardens


Our student gardens provide you a maintenance-free and cost-effective way to enjoy organic vegetables. We will build, plant and maintain your garden in your own backyard so that you can enjoy healthy, pesticide-free vegetables.

Our gardens come in three different sizes so that you can select the right garden that will cater to your needs. You can also personalize and select some of your favorite vegetables for your garden so that it truly reflects your eating habits.

Raised Gardens

Our gardens will use minimal space; yet will yield a large assortment of produce during the summer.


Better Soil. Perhaps the most important advantage to a raised bed garden is greatly reduced soil compaction. Plant roots need air. With a raised bed garden you can easily reach every single plant to water, inspect, and pick without stepping on the soil.

Longer Growing Season. Gardening seasons depend on the temperature of the soil. The soil in a raised garden will warm up quicker than the ground under the lawn, therefore extending the gardening season further.

Higher Yields. Because of the better soil used in raised bed gardens, they tend to have higher vegetable yields than traditional row gardens.

Various studies have shown that raised garden beds produce 1.4 to 2 times as much vegetable per square foot than a traditional row garden.

Aesthetically Pleasing. Raised garden beds look neat and tidy. In addition, if you're a creative person, you can make some pretty cool looking gardens. Your garden could easily become the focal point of your yard.


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